Classic* one lash extension to one natural lash.

Volume* 3-5 light weight handmade fan of lashes on one natural lash.

Hybird* half volume half classic lashes mixed to create a softer volume look.

Licensed Esthetician* all States issue licenses to skincare specialists to qualify through formal training and successful completion of both a practical or written exam. [your lash artist should be a licensed esthetician OR licensed cosmetologist]

Certified Lash Artist* this is peace of mind that your lash artist cares bout quality, technique, & product knowledge to suit your lash needs by attending courses to perfect their technique.

Lash Affair* luxury lash extension products, aftercare, and exceptional education.

Silk Lash Extensions* fine & flexible type of lash extensions that have a rick black color & amazing retention.

Faux Mink* poly-fiber man made extensions designed to imitate real mink lashes.

Mink* generally used for an extremely natural look, often do not have a curl, &most companies no longer carry these due to animal cruelty.

Lash Map* your artist specifically designs your lash map to complement your eye shape & keeps note of it for your fill ins.

Retention* adhesive retaining hold 

Brand Ambassador* selected by a company to represent the brand through social media content & use of products.

C Curl* the most natural curl

D Curl* big curl

L Curl* flat base to adhere to downward facing lashes

CC Curl* between C&D curl