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my absolute favorite booking site is acuity!

why I love it

-easy to use

-has access to Stripe, PayPal, & Square payments ( I use square)

-my appointments are transferred to my iCloud so I can see all my appointments on my phone in real time, I can also block out times through my iCloud that sync with my acuity site!

-It’s AFFORDABLE! I was so over paying monthly fee’s on top of fee’s from using payment processing sites.

-They have an app! I go on my app to see who’s my clients for the day & what I charted on them at their last appointment. I always make sure to update their notes at every appointment (make sure to note your temp/humidity/ & what adhesive you used on that specific client for the day!)

-This is what really sold me, I can make ALL of my consent forms and have all my clients fill them out BEFORE they come in! I have consents for lash lifts & lash extensions. It is all custom to what I want listed. I can print them if I need to but other wise they’re stored on my site. You also have the option of adding photos! I always keep a photo option on my consents so I have all my clients lash health photos from when they started along with their before’s & after’s! You can make as many consent forms as you’d like and enable them for certain appointment types.

there are so many upsides to this site feel free to ask me any questions!

& if you choose to go with this scheduling site click my referral link :)



I’m currently obsessed with Double Date as my ISOLATERS! I’m pretty picky with my isolater tweezers and usually use a Size Matters or my Dumont isolaters but I felt in a funk and used my double dates as my isolaters and I LOVE them. I think I love that they’re short compared to my usual tweezers. tip* I usually use my double date tweezers for CLASSIC

Clear Connection also currently has my heart. It’s slightly thicker but I LOVE that. It’s great for classic and it doesn’t close up my fans! I love a good adhesive that works for BOTH sets. I save money by only having to use one! Also LA offers a percentage off if you “subscribe” to the adhesive which is amazing! I hate when I forget to restock so take advantage of having your adhesive sent routinely! tip: make sure to shake clear super good! If it comes out watery it was not shaken well enough! It should be a perfect bubble when you put a drop down. Once you need a new dot you’ll notice it slowly flatten out. I change my dot every 10-15 min.

you can use code CHILOVE for 10% off all purchases! feel free to ask me about any other products :)