• Wash the eye area removing all traces of makeup,mascara, & strip lash adhesive.

  • DO NOT perm or curl your lashes before you're appointment.

  • If you wear contact lenses, please bring your contact lense case as they will need to be removed.

  • DO NOT drink caffeine before your appointment, your eyes will flutter the entire appointment & the service will need to be rescheduled.


  • Sleep on your back or fold pillow in half to avoid loosing lashes.

    (neck pillows work best for this or using a sleep mask like Bucky's 40 wink mask)

  • Avoid steam, saunas, hot tubs, swimming, suntan beds, spray tanning, excessiveheat, or sweating

  • Avoid wearing eye cream.

  • Avoid oil based eye makeup and eye cleansing products .Understand oil based products will affect the adhesive, which may result in my extensions falling out prematurely.

  • Avoid wearing oil based and waterproof mascara that will affect the adhesive bond

  • When rinsing from your hair avoid conditioner from getting onto my extensions.

  • Avoid spraying sunscreen directly onto my face (this may result in adhesive breakdown)

  • Avoid transferring natural oils from my fingers by touching my lashes (this may result in adhesive breakdown)

  • Avoid using eyelash curlers, tinting, or perming my eyelash extensions.

  • Avoid getting facial moisturizer or eye cream on my lash line

  • Brush my lashes with a wand, ideally, when they are dry to keep them in optimal shape. You can dry them by using a low cool setting on your hair dryer or patting dry with paper towel.

  • Inform esthetician/ cosmetologist/lash tech about my lash extensions when receiving skin care treatments using acid or steam

As much as I would LOVE to lash the world, there are some that might not be good candidates for this service. If any of the following refer to you feel free to shoot me an email before we go ahead with a consultation.

Contraindications include:


Hay Fever

Allergies to Latex

Allergies to Petroleum  (we may be able to work around this)

Contact Lenses (make sure to bring your lens case with you to appointment!)


Pregnancy (consult your doctor before & bring okayed note)

Past bad reaction to bonding adhesive

Abrasions or Swelling


Recent Lash Service ( a 48 hour gap should be left between services.)