How to Create a Professional Lash Business

When we’ve finally reached a point that we feel confident in our work, our application, our product, and retention we are faced with the reality of presenting our business to others. If you’re like me you are now in grind mode and probably working from home. Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not! But how do you make your home space presentable to your potential clients and show your professionalism to them?

WELL first off let’s cover the basics.

  1. Purchase Liability Insurance

    this covers you AND your home in case any issues arise & trust me they do!

    I like ASCP Skin Care

  2. Check with your town about working from home & see if your space qualifies to work from home so you can purchase your business license.

    this is usually not costly and you can find out through your town hall.

    (yes, people do call the state if you’re not running your business legit because the nastiness is real out there people. *cringe* so cross your T’s dot your i’s.)

  3. Hang up your Certificates & Licenses so your clients know you mean business.

Now lets talk about your space

  1. Make sure your space is as private as possible!

    Think about your client, would you feel comfortable with your eyes closed in a strangers house with people walking around you? Probably not. I always lashed when no one would be home and in spaces where there was a door & complete privacy. Also, I allowed a guest if my client felt she wanted one, as long as the guest was okay to sit in the room the entire duration I felt if comfortable with that. '

  2. Make sure all visible areas of your home are CLEAN

    Your space should be CLEAN there’s no reason it shouldn’t be! Your client has to feel safe knowing you care about cleanliness and sanitation your home should be no different.

  3. Make it cute!

    You don’t need to go crazy spending but keep a clean minimal space that lets your personality shine through! I added my lash room timeline take a peek!

Lastly, let’s go over your business presence


    I get booked solely because my website looks professional and gives my client easy and fast access to EVERYTHING about me.

  2. Have Policies set from the beginning

    If you don’t enforce your policies believe me you WILL be your clients new door mat. I have never had issues with my policies being enforced. My client’s quick pay me if they can’t make it and reschedule on their own. They know the drill. In the same light YOU need to follow your policies as well. If you have a strict policy and don’t follow them yourself be prepared to get that bad rep and word of mouth travels fast. If you respect your business you will attract clients that respect it as well.

  3. Have Consent Forms

    Make sure these forms give the client every bit of info they need to know what getting lashes entails. My forms are long but they include all side effects, all outcomes, what the procedure looks like, my policies, releasing myself from liability, & all after care info, so the client understands what I’m expecting of her and she can expect from me. Clients have told me this is another deciding factor when they choose to book with me because it shows my professionalism to them and that I take my business seriously.

  4. Have a separate communication system with your client

    Create an email, get a second phone, or a separate phone number so your clients can reach you and respond in a timely manner. Whichever one you prefer make sure to be replying professionally and promptly. I have templates of all my FAQ’s saved for my DM’s and emails so I don’t have to keep typing out the same answers constantly. Yes its time consuming but this is just one extra part of the job so make your life easier and pre type it out and respond! These people are interested in you, you should be jumping to help out your future lash bestie.

  5. Find a Booking site

    I use acuity it’s my favorite for more reasons than one but I’ll dive into that in another post. Use a booking site and HAVE CARDS ON FILE. Not only should you have cards but take a deposit and make sure you state that the deposit is non refundable if the client opts to cancel after your policy time frame. Cards and deposits weed out flakey clients. People get scared to scare off clients but every client is not YOUR client. You do not want people who do not respect you or your time unless you like wasting 3 hour blocks of your day.

I hope these tips helped! I myself implemented all of these things the second I decided I was ready to start taking clients. My September lash class is already booked solid and we only have two slots left for October. I also have mentorships available so feel free to shoot me an email and we can chat! If you have any questions you’d like me to answer in a blog post ask! Sometimes others want to know too but are too shy to ask and I got all the answers 🤪

happy lashing!


my first home set up 😭 (SEPARATE bathroom on side door)

my first home set up 😭 (SEPARATE bathroom on side door)

Salon rental room

Salon rental room

ink beauty bar space💗

ink beauty bar space💗

home lashing space✨ (SEPARATE bathroom and entrance)

home lashing space✨ (SEPARATE bathroom and entrance)

present space🙂⚡️

present space🙂⚡️