SoOoOoOo of course I already started my journey into this lash world without really introducing myself so I figured I’d take a minute to do that.


I’m Bianca Bueno, lash artist since 2016. I’m 29, a Red Bull aficionado, and podcast junkie.

I’m currently a brand ambassador for Lash Affair and have been a brand ambassador for Borboleta. What’s a brand ambassador you ask…well you basically represent the brand by creating content, promoting the products, and get fun freebies and perks. EVERY program is different with different incentives so know in your heart that I am not rolling in the money but I do get fun perks & I feel like for me it’s worth it. Any who I’ll do a deeper dive into that later.

I’ve been a lash specialist for almost four years and I’ve learned tons through clients, my mentor, and my trainings. I decided to become a lash artist as a means to make money while I pursued my bachelors degree & quickly learned that building my business was my biggest obsession. Off the bat I realized that I didn’t want to just plop lashes on people. I wanted to produce AMAZING work, I wanted AMAZING retention, I wanted my business to look and be professional, and most importantly I wanted to make my clients feel gorgeous and that the price was worth it. Since then my business has been growing and thriving and I’ve made a great community for myself. When you hop into this life you don’t realize the work that it takes and the time you put in but if you’re passionate I GUARANTEE that it pays off and honestly doesn’t feel like any time has passed.


I have two kids Logan 5, & Lauren 8 months old. I have a handsome hub who supports my crazy lash life. & I currently work 3 days a week in luxurious Hinsdale Illinois. I have a ton of sissy’s & a brother 20 years younger than me & I love it! I’m super close to my family & if you know me you know you can always find me with one of my sisters out to lunch or at a family party on the weekend🍻

So to finish this off, I love this lash life. I love being a soloprenur, I love all aspects of running my business, & I’m so excited to show you guys who to live your best lash life. I have a ton of fun topics I’m going to be diving into and I’d love to hear from you guys as well!

So comment introduce yourself & follow me on IG & PINTEREST (@lashqueenbb) 💗