Creating Consistency by Using Lash Maps

Lash Maps.

What’s the point?

Well if you’re like me and stink at drawing those perfect IG lash maps on your client with the best sharpie that ever was. A lash map sticker is your new lash savior. When I use a lash map sticker I feel like I am a lash slayer that can conquer the lash world. Why? Because the maps are evenly spaced and have 8 gorgeous maps pre made for me and guess what. One of those maps is blank in case you’re on an artistic tip and want to go MAVEN on that map.

SO, Lash Affair lash map stickers include a pack of 8 designs & are 24 pairs of each design.

That's 192 pairs per pack!

Designs include….

  • Cat Eye

  • Full Effect

  • Squirrel

  • Natural Sweep

  • Open Eye

  • Doll Eye

  • Kardashian

  • Blank

if you aren’t documenting your clients lash maps then odds are you are playing a guessing game every time they come for a fill in. Use your maps to help guide you and help you create the habit of documenting their map.

Please don’t use these as a substitute for gel pads! Use a gel pad & place these babies on top :)

support your lash bestie & use code CHILOVE for 10% off & comment below I’d love to hear from you!